Choose a car with high resale value is one of the best ways to keep vehicle ownership affordable. You'll be able to sell or trade in your old (but still valuable) one for a much higher price, allowing you to spend less money when it's time to get a new ride.

The used Toyotas we sell here at Midwest Superstore boast some of the best resale values in the industry. Every year, Kelley Blue Book analyzes and lists the vehicles with the best resale value. Toyota typically dominates these awards - it's been named the "Best Resale Brand" for the past three years.  And this year, three of the ten vehicles with the best resale value were Toyotas. 

To conduct its annual study, Kelley Blue Book considers the value of a vehicle's initial sticker price after 36 months and 60 months of ownership. An average new vehicle is only worth about 39 percent of its initial price after 60 months, but these three Toyota vehicles stood out for being worth much more than that.

2019 Toyota Tacoma

Resale Value at 36 Months - 69.4 percent

Resale Value at 60 Months - 62.2 percent

When you get behind the wheel of the Toyota Tacoma, you're not only getting value while you own it, but afterwards as well. The durability and lasting capability of this truck boosts its resale value, and has earned it the No. 1 spot in resale value for five consecutive years.

2019 Toyota Tundra

Resale Value at 36 Months - 66.6 percent

Resale Value at 60 Months - 56.9 percent

The Toyota Tundra is a tough, full-size truck with excellent resale value. The Tundra has everything that pickup fanatics need, with incredible capability that lasts all the way from year one to year five and beyond.

2019 Toyota 4Runner

Resale Value at 36 Months - 65.7 percent

Resale Value at 60 Months - 56.3 percent

The search for the perfect SUV ends with the Toyota 4Runner. This rugged SUV has incredible power, performance, and safety features that have earned it a big fan base. Its popularity and reliability mean that it holds up its value well from year to year.

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